Festive Office Parties Should Never Burn Through Your Savings



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The festive time of year is here again, and with it the immense amount of payments we must make to have a good time. From gifts to food to parties, all of these will add up over time. That’s right; it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. It’s the time of year where we must be social no matter if we’re motivated to or not, because it will help you celebrate the end of a year, and break up some of your schedules for excitement and fun. After all, you have worked hard this year, so you for sure deserve to enjoy the festivities.

You likely have been invited to a festive office party, or some form of workplace celebration before you break up for the Christmas period. For hospitality businesses, this can come a little later as they need to prioritize the Christmas demand now, but you can be sure it will come. A night out with friends can sometimes stay a pre-planned affair in which you can somewhat expect certain costs to come up. At work, the whole night will have had so much planning put into it that simply ‘not coming’ or ‘not feeling like spending’ can make you seem anti-social among your colleagues.

Of course, you should never feel pressured to join in the celebrations, and you must always be wise about your financial situation, especially at this time.

Okay, so you’ve set aside finances for the night, and have a pre-allocated budget. You know that you’re going to limit yourself to a certain number of drinks, you’re hoping that the catering promise is still as strong as it was in the day, and you have a strict curfew imposed on yourself so as not to waste too much money mid-week. With all this planning, it’s very easy to forget the cost of travel to and from the event.

If you’re partaking in alcohol, or even staying up late, it might not be wise to drive either way. For that reason, getting an Uber or taxi is your likely option. However, depending how far you live, even cheap services like Uber can quickly tally up in cost. Sharing cabs, as well as using Uber promo codes can help you shave off the cash when you need it most, allowing yourself a wonderful night on the town stress-free about finances.

Avoiding purchasing ‘rounds’ of drinks for your colleagues is a wise idea. If the idea is suggested elsewhere, simply say you’d be happier paying for your own drinks for ease. This can help you limit exactly your intake to a healthy degree, manage your inebriation (the main enemy of wise spending decisions,) as well as avoiding forking out for a hugely costly round which can leave you destitute for the rest of the week.

Also, before you head out, be sure to pre-plan a meal. If you are drinking, you are sure to want some form of food after you come home. Even if you are sober, it’s likely that the added excitement of socialising will give you quite the appetite. Instead of opting for an expensive and unhealthy takeout pizza or another such item, your wonderful (and frugal,) home cooking will be there for you, replete in its natural nutritiousness.

In the morning, these tips will help you wake up with a much clearer conscience, and a much heavier wallet.




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