Earn Money Without Going to Work: 10 Ways to Make Money from Home




Looking for ways to make some extra money? Earn money from the comfort of your home

There are obvious advantages in making money from home: No commuting expenses, less exhaustion and increased job security.

Here are 10 proven ideas that you can use to make money from home:


Home tutoring

With an increasing number of parents having to work to make ends meet, children often require academic support. You can consider teaching children or becoming a homework tutor.



Most working people are left with little or no time to cook. Put your cooking skills to use and offer catering services to families and office workers. You can offer fixed price meals and monthly offers.


Cake Baking

Do your friends drool over your finger-licking cakes? Turn your craft into cash by taking orders for birthday, anniversary and wedding cakes.



If you are an articulate writer, sell your articles online for publications, websites and blogs and earn money from the comfort of your home.


Baby sitting

If you have space in your home with one two spare rooms, offer babysitting services to harassed couples as well as single parents. People appreciate having a responsible and friendly babysitter for their children.


Offer Hobby Classes from home

Are you a good singer? Do you have excellent drawing skills? Can you dance? You can consider offering hobby classes for children especially during weekends or summer.


Health & Fitness consultations

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Do you have a certificate as a yoga instructor? You can organise a weekly schedule for health and fitness consultations from your home. Ensure that you only teach what you know and make sure all your clients sign legal disclaimers.


Bed and Breakfast

If you have an extra bedroom and an additional bathroom, you can consider making money from offering bed and breakfast at a reasonable price. Most people are fed up of impersonal hotels and motels.


Arts and Crafts

Are you creative with your hands? Do you know how to paint, knit, crotchet and sew? You can sell your creativity in the form of homemade arts, crafts and handiwork.


Working as a consultant

If you possess expertise and knowledge in a specific field like finance, real estate or engineering, you can open up consultancy services from home.


Making money from home can be fun and lucrative at the same time. Moreover, you are protected from the insecurity of job redundancy.


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