Clever Household Money Hacks You Might Not Have Thought Of


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We’re all living on a budget these days, and trying to make the money we have go a little bit further can seem like an impossible task. When there are kids to feed, clothe, and entertain, money can seem even more stretched. But there are smart ways to save money around the home – some of them may only save a few pennies a day, but that can really add up over the course of a year. Give some of these a go, and see your bank account smile again.


Shop smartly

The place we see our money slip away most is usually in the grocery store, right? So when we start to get a grasp on our groceries, our cash flow thanks us. Using coupons and vouchers to shop the smart way is a great way to save on the essentials, without having to compromise by downgrading to generic brands. The key to successful couponing, and shopping in general, is going to the store with a list and being very, very strict with yourself. Plan your week’s meals, list your required essentials, and don’t stray – it takes some practice, but it can be so rewarding. And make sure you’re cooking in bulk and making the most of our friend Mr. Freezer – you’re far less likely to shell out on a Drive Thru when you’re feeling hungry and lazy if you’ve got a delicious and healthy home cooked meal in your home freezer.


Get energy savvy

Utilities can be a real drain on finances, but can also seem kind of ethereal, and difficult to get a handle on. Making small, smart decisions when it comes to your electricity can make a big difference – trust me on this. Unplug devices when they’re out of use, particularly cell phone and laptop chargers, as they still drain electricity when they’re not being used. Turn lights off when you’re out of the room, and even consider switching to energy efficient LED lighting – they’re far cheaper and easier to maintain. If you want to go all out, why not consider a solar panel installation? Not only do you get tax credits for domestic installations, but you’ll also save yourself so much money in the long run, and you can feel great about helping the environment as an added bonus.


Try a staycation

Rather than forking out for a vacation to a whole other country, why not try a staycation? This is where you spend some time in your hometown, exploring the area and enjoying the town as a tourist would. You save all the money on travel and accommodation, and get to fall back in love with your home as well!


Behold, the power of hand-me-downs

Kids grow out of clothes far faster than they wear them out – however hard they try. Rather than accept this as a fact of life, embracing hand-me-downs can be a great way to give your kid good-as-new clothes for free. If you’ve got friends with children similar ages, get them involved too – the kids don’t care, and your bank balance will thank you!


Give some of these tips a go and see how much you can save, without even having to compromise on the things you love.




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