The Price Was Right But Is It Still?

    Prices are always rising and after what feels like several economic crashes across the globe in recent decades, it almost feels hard to keep count of how many times we have experienced a recession. Due to this, inflation of wages has not matched the hiking price costs over almost every industry in the […]

Save Energy at Home with These Smart Tips

  Everyone is aware of the common ways you can save energy at home, investing in more energy efficient devices and making sure your television and other gadgets are switched off rather than on standby. There are however some energy-saving tips that you might not have thought of. Northern Powergrid, who can help with any […]

How to Save Money on Home Improvements

  Have you recently purchased a home that isn’t exactly your taste, with intentions to remodel it? Do you ever look around your home, even if you’ve been there for years, and redecorated it in your head? Given the popularity of the fixer-upper trend, where you refresh a property to better reflect your personal style […]

A Car Buying Guide for Students

    As results day approaches, it’s only natural to feel nervous waiting for your grades to determine whether you’ve secured a place at university. But along with university, there’s also several financial decisions to consider such as student finance, student accommodation and, for some of you, a car will be essential. For those of […]

Home improvements that increase your home’s value

  Annually, Brits spend £30 billion on home improvements—or £43 million each week. Although home renovations can be costly, the right work can significantly increase the value of your home — as fitted kitchens in Glasgow specialist DM Design explores:   The kitchen Property guru Phil Spencer is on record saying to The Telegraph: “If […]