How Can You Reduce Business Energy Costs?

    The average UK business spends almost £4,000 on energy annually. Busineses can reduce both their outgoings and their carbon footprint by becoming more energy efficient.   Find out more about UK businesses and energy expenditure In the past seven years alone, there has been a 100%+ increase in average business energy bills. For most […]

Top questions companies must ask before switching to LPG

  Running an off-grid company has you facing the same same commercial pressures as any other business. Reducing overheads, watching profit margins, improving efficiencies and adhering to increasingly stringent carbon reduction targets are all par for the course. This is where your energy supply comes in. An average small business in the UK with approximately 10-49 employees, is set […]

Waste reduction by creative companies

  Research has suggested 2.12 billion tonnes of waste is produced each year around the world, and it’s undeniably causing great harm to the sustainability of the planet. Although authoritative bodies around the world have introduced schemes and initiatives to encourage recycling — most of our waste continues to end up in landfills; which is […]

Can I be too old to invest in property?

  Property investment is regarded as one of the safest ways to produce a steady return on investment as well as providing a perfect accompaniment to your pension through retirement. But can there be an age limit placed on property investment? Ultimately, the answer is no, however often more care will need to be taken […]

How to Host a Spectacular Networking Event

  You may think that having 500+ connections on LinkedIn is impressive, but there’s nothing more worthwhile than meeting someone face-to-face, talking about your career and discussing what the future holds for both yourself and your industry.   No matter what sector you operate in, developing your own personal brand and having an active social […]

The rise of the side hustle

      Would it surprise you to hear that there are now more than a fifth of workers in the UK considering the opportunity of an extra job, especially with the millennial generation, The term ‘side hustle’ was originally coined in the 1950s. Its definition is  ‘a way to make money from your passion, interest or hobby’. […]