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If you run a team or business, you’ll know how important it is to maintain excellent staff morale and communication to keep employee turnover low and productivity high. However, achieving this is not always simple.

At Chill Factore, we offer you the ideal solution to boost the confidence and cohesion of your team — not only great for a strong workforce, but also beneficial to company profits. Our team-building exercises are an easy way to create a company culture that works. But what is company culture and why is it important? Company culture is essentially the ‘feel’ of a company and its staff — its values, aims and ‘atmosphere’. Basically, its personality. The better your company culture, the more likely your firm is to attract and keep an excellent workforce — but how do you use corporate parties and events to improve your company culture?

Did you know that corporate events are very popular in the world of business today? There is an average of almost 2,000 monthly searches in the UK for the term ‘team-building exercises’ on Google, so could your business be missing a trick if it doesn’t get on board with the trend?

Keep reading to find out the advantages of team-building exercises and how encouraging corporate excursions can help improve your business:


Enhancing productivity

A research-based consulting company, Gallup, conducted a study into engagement at work and discovered that employees who are engaged are approximately 17% more productive. The company also found that these staff members showed a 41% reduction in absenteeism. Even better, companies that have engaged staff are around 20% more lucrative than those that don’t boast an engaged workforce.

Engagement and communication are essential to a productive workforce. Fortunately, these are two factors that a team-building activity works to improve. Your daily operations will become much more efficient if your staff are communicative and engaged with each other and the task at hand — both of which should have a positive effect on profits.


Improving communication   

A business runs on communication and can be harmed if its staff don’t talk to each other. Discussing ideas and reviewing processes are essential to creativity, and can also help spot flaws in the running of a company. Therefore, if you want to prevent an inhibited company culture with divided staff, you need something that will help achieve clear and confident talks.

If you’re serious about a corporate day out, make sure you go for something that encourages interactivity — like our Sledge Build Challenge or Sub-Zero Race. These are fun, original and challenging — which means that your staff must speak with each other and pull together to complete their mission.

Collective goals are key to removing the restrictions of an established office hierarchy. If you want to inspire discussions between all members, put them in a new environment where office politics don’t exist and further break down barriers with an activity that makes its participants swap ideas to help boost creative thinking in the meeting room. You can also learn a lot about strengths and weaknesses when people are working closely together towards a single objective, which can help you give targeted training for even better office efficiency. If you’re looking for an activity with a strong collective goal, our Summit Challenge is ideal!

Many people find it hard to speak with a range of people. Get rid of those communication barriers, and you will see more confident staff members — just think how much better your firm will operate if your team can go to each other for help and guidance whenever they need it.


Creativity in the workplace

We make sure that each of our team-building activities encourage logical and creative thinking — everything is achievable, but we don’t make it easy! As a result, our activities can also help to improve originality and thinking ‘outside of the box’, which your employees can then use at work when they’re coming up with new marketing strategies or services.


Boosting morale in the office

Of course, we go to work to get a job done — but don’t we always work better when we’re in a good mood? Arranging a fun team-building activity that gets your staff out of the office and onto unknown terrain can help create a fun and happy atmosphere — giving your team something to look forward to every now and then. But is this truly essential to a profitable business? Some psychologists have found that expectation is a critical part of feeling cheerful — in fact, according to Action for Happiness, feeling positive about something that will happen is crucial for our general happiness and level of motivation! So, why not encourage ambition by organising a fun, group activity?

If your staff don’t feel valued, they’re not going to give you their all at work. Happy employees are up to a fifth more productive than other members of staff, according to the Department of Economics and the University of Warwick. It’s no surprise that staff morale is strongly connected with happiness, therefore, you should do everything you can to implement initiatives that give your staff something to look forward to if you want to maintain a positive, work-friendly mood.


Socialising and trust-building

Letting us host a corporate day out could be the easiest way for you to help your staff socialise. Remember, these are just people that have been brought together with one thing in common: their job. If you want to help them build trust and become friends that want to work together, you may need to help.

Not only will your staff socialise as they take part in their team-building exercise, they will also build trust — not just among themselves, but also with senior members of staff. Jim Dougherty, a senior lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management, said that: “Managers will never learn the truth about their company unless they have their employees’ trust.”

Trust comes from experience, which is why our team-building exercises revolve around teamwork, communication and planning to help improve the level of trust your staff must put in each other to succeed. With this heightened dependency comes a greater personal connection and more opportunities for solving problems, giving your staff more practice in ‘problem-mapping’ to help them find a resolution to issues that could be holding your company back once they’re back in the workplace.


Keeping your staff

Is staff retention a cause of concern for you? Do you strive to make sure you keep hold of high-performing people? Again, our team-building exercises can help. If the benefits above are true, your business will be more efficient, pleasant and communicative. Consequently, this excellent company culture will bring down the number of employees who wish to move on — but where are the stats to back this theory up?

Columbia University recently looked into company culture and staff retention and found positive initiatives (i.e. team days out) can reduce the number of staff members resigning from a business. In other words, businesses with positive company cultures showed a job turnover of 13.9%, while places harbouring a bad company culture can have a job turnover rate of nearly 50%!

Team-building exercises show that you care about the atmosphere of the workplace and your staff’s development. As you can imagine, these are key to a member of staff feeling valued and happy at work. The more staff that continually leave your company, the higher the chance that this trend will lower the credibility and worth of your company to prospective employees. Even worse, you’ll have to invest more in training new staff, which will harm profits.

If you don’t want to lose money, time and experience; you need to start improving your company culture any way you can. So, why not begin with a simple, one-day corporate event?

Corporate days out and team-building activities could be the culture-boosting trick you need to enhance morale and productivity for a better-achieving company. Check out our testimonials and case studies to find out more about the great time you, your staff and colleagues can have at Chill Factore.







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