Book Review: Duh… Money




Duh… Money is an informative and entertaining book which aims to teaching teens about financial matters. Written by Jeannette Lichner, it explains everything from how to avoid getting into debt, to getting out of it, managing your money, and staying on top of your finances.

Jeannette is an active campaigner for financial literacy and coaches young people as they begin their journey into the workforce, advising and encouraging them to manage their money positively. A motivating and inspirational speaker, you can see an example of Jeannette’s coaching passion in this young audience’s TED talk.

While most finance books are geared towards an older audience and are therefore quite heavy reading, we thought that Duh… Money had the perfect balance of instruction and light humour.

The chapters, although long, are separated into smaller sections making it a convenient read if you only only have a few minutes free time, allowing you to quickly read through and absorb the snippets even when time is limited.

The book is great whether you’re completely new to the world of finance or feel like brushing up on the financial basics. We thought it was clearly written and communicated in an explanatory yet unpatronising tone.

It starts with the basics – getting you to discover where your spending habits are the most outrageous before going into earning and budgeting, managing your money, spending wisely, and so much more. Throughout the books are additional statistics, tips and anecdotes in the margins. All statistics are from primary sources so they’re the most accurate ones you can come across, which may help influence any decisions you make.

Although Duh… Money is aimed at teens and those in their twenties, it’s a good read for everyone and will probably give you a lot of information you didn’t know before or needed to refresh your memory on.

Find out more about the book at the Duh… Money website or buy it from all good book sellers including Amazon now.

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