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Birthday parties are wonderful. Seeing your child surrounded by their friends having a wonderful time while blowing out the candles, what can beat it? The price of providing a party for your little one is rising. Between the cake, the birthday invitations, the venue and the entertainment it can run into hundreds but there are ways to save the cash, throw a fantastic fiesta and make sure the only blow out is on the candles!


Hosting At Home

This is where the most significant spend tends to go. Finding the right place to hold your party is tough, but of course, the cheapest is throwing the party at home, or a relatives house if they have a more significant area available. There are tonnes of excellent house party ideas, and all it takes is a little dedication and planning to pull them off. It’s always worth asking a friend if you can use their garden in they have a larger one than you and you are throwing a summer party. Make sure to clean up after yourself if this is the case; nothing puts more strain on a friendship than leaving a complete mess behind after their gesture of goodwill.

Of course, it may be your child wants to invite the entire class, and your home merely isn’t an option. If this is the case, you now need to look for places offering an “all in” price. This means you won’t be paying to hire a hall and then pay for everything else on top. Bowling or trampoline parks, even children’s spas will offer parties that take care of food and entertainment, but it’s worth asking if they also cover the party bags or any extras.


Decorating Diva

If you are hiring a hall or throwing a party at home, your children will have an opinion on how it should be themed. Perhaps Batman or Elsa is all the rage amongst your little ones, and they want the decor to match. Themed decorations cost a bunch, and the price can shoot up quickly. This is where you can be smart with the decorating, buying a couple of pieces here and there of the themed decor, perhaps one or two character balloons and streamers or even a banner. You can buy plates, napkins, utensils, cups and tablecloth that coordinate with the colour of the party theme, for example, black and yellow for Batman or ice blue for Frozen, perhaps lime greens and fruity shades for Moana. It will still look great and save you a stash.


The Food

The food is essential. Hungry children, or even their parents, can be difficult to handle. Food costs can run high if you aren’t careful. Buy supermarket value brands on things you can buy in bulk such as hot dogs or frozen chips. The same goes for crisps and nibbles.


Cute Cakes

Nothing finishes off a birthday party better than a cake! Speciality made bespoke cakes can be very expensive.

You could, if you have the skills, make your own. The only problem with this is once you start buying out for all f the decorations it can still come out reasonably expensive.  There is no shame here in visiting your local supermarket and seeing what they have in their range. Many now have incredibly intricate cake for very few pounds. You could even have one personalised with a photo of your bouncing baby for next to nothing. It’s the time to get creative and think outside the (cake)box! Even a plain cake covered in sweets and cutesy plastic rings and jewellery would go down a storm with any princess.




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