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For some people, what they see on television is the only thing they really know about getting bail bond services. Various popular TV shows portray the process differently from what actually happens. Using the services of a bail bond company and attending your court hearings means that you are unlikely to see your bail bond agent after getting out of jail.

Options for Release

There are a number of options for a person to be released from jail.

Personal Recognizance

Personal recognizance is the first basic option. The law enforcement agency or county administers what is referred to as a pre-trail release program. This involves defendants going through an interview with a person from the program, which is followed by a recommendation being made regarding whether or not the defendant should be released without money being paid to the court as a guarantee of returning to court.

This type of interview is usually completed over the phone and little is done to confirm the information that the defendant gives. When no bond is posted, the defendant does not lose any money if he or she does not go to court.

Cash Bail

  • The next kind of bail is the cash bail in order to be released from jail. The total amount of the bail should be paid to the court or jail.
  • The cash continues to be held until the case is over. If the defendant does not show up at all the court hearings until their case is complete, this means that the bail will be forfeited.
  • A cash bail serves as a good incentive for defendants to ensure that they return to court for all the scheduled court dates. Visit for more.

Surety Bond

An alternative to the cash bond is a surety bond. Posting a surety bond means that the bail bond company guarantees the court you will attend all the hearings. If a defendant does show up in court as ordered or the bail bond company does not return him or her to jail, the bail bond company is required to pay the full bond amount to the court.

Most surety bonds charge a non-refundable fee of 10 percent of the bond amount. In several cases, collateral is necessary, especially when the bonds are higher. A co-signer is also required in many cases. The co-signer is responsible for the full amount of the bond to the bail bond service if the defendant does not appear.



Using a bail bond agent’s services is much more than simply paying the court bail. It can be hard to come up with the total amount of the bond you need to pay the court.

Access to Bail

It is common for some defendants to borrow from friends, family and even employers. Coming up with a small portion of the bond for the bail bond agent is much easier than paying the court the full bond amount.

Locating Loved Ones in Jail

  • A defendant typically wants to contact a family member or friend who can get them out of jail after an arrest. The person who is contacted needs information and a good starting point is a reputable bail bond company.
  • Agents can gather the information you need and find out whether a surety bond will be allowed.
  • You can find out where someone is being held, what the bond amount is and much more.










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