6 Great Tips to Teach Children to Save Money

  It is never too early to start teaching children about money; how to spend it, how to save it and how to invest it. Providing children with information on their choices, the outcomes of their actions and the results that occur from them will enable them to make wiser, more informed choices as adults […]

5 Tips to Avoiding Business Disputes

      Dealing with the fall-out of a dispute can have devastating effects on any business, but particularly small businesses. Many cases serve to be a harsh teacher and hindsight provides no benefit once the ramifications have created shockwaves already. The best way to minimise the potential damage that business disputes can create is […]

A Guide for Consumer Goods Start-Ups

  With the development of innovative new technologies, entrepreneurs can set up their own companies for a fraction of the cost, compared to a decade ago — and according to CBInsights, there has never been a better time to launch a consumer goods start-up company. With consumer preference constantly shifting based upon current trends and […]

A Car Buying Guide for Students

    As results day approaches, it’s only natural to feel nervous waiting for your grades to determine whether you’ve secured a place at university. But along with university, there’s also several financial decisions to consider such as student finance, student accommodation and, for some of you, a car will be essential. For those of […]