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Everyone wants to own a house at some point in their life, but it’s easier said than done since it relies heavily on your income. Sadly, not everyone is great with their financial situation. Some people are terrible at managing a budget, others find it hard to save money, and some just don’t make enough money to establish some sense of financial security. However, this guide will teach you that you don’t need to be incredibly good with money in order to afford a house. After reading this guide, you’ll find that it’s actually relatively simple and straightforward to afford your very first home and change your life.


Learn to Budget

One of the first things you have to learn is how to budget. This seems scarier than it actually is, but it’s a very simple task that almost anyone can do with a bit of time. Firstly, count up all of your expenses. This includes your bills, utility costs and other types of luxury costs. Once that’s counted up, subtract it from your weekly or monthly wage (depending on how you counted it up) and the remaining amount is how much you can invest in your house. If you feel like this is too low, then change your lifestyle a bit by removing luxuries, reducing electricity usage or increasing your work hours.


Make Small Adjustments

However, it’s important to understand that you can’t just make these changes out of the blue. You need to make small adjustments in life to be able to save up enough money for your house deposit. For instance, instead of dropping all of your luxuries, replace them with cheaper ones. Instead of going out to the cinema every weekend, pick up an on-demand video subscription instead. Instead of buying new video games for your children, consider renting them or waiting for them to go on sale.


Look for Help

There are also countless services that will be willing to help you out. You can look at a help to buy scheme so you get assistance with buying your home, or you could look at housing associations which offer homes for less if you fit certain conditions. Help can also come in the form of family and friend loans but remember you’ll need to pay these back if you want to remain a trustworthy person.


Move Further

Lastly, consider moving further away from the city or your current location. Property prices can drastically change depending on your location, so it makes sense to shop around and open up the possibility of moving further from your current location. There are many considerations to keep in mind when you do this, but it will ultimately help you find a better house for less that you are able to afford.

Buying a home is expensive—let’s not avoid that. However, with smart budgeting and planning, it’s possible to afford a house with your current income and budget and you won’t feel like you have to live off canned food in order to save up for a deposit.




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