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We all have a rough idea of the money that we earn each month. It can fluctuate from time to time. But as a rule, we know how much money we have each month. Regardless of how much we are getting in, we can all do things to make the money go further, right? We can make savings around the home, as well as be more savvy when we shop for things like groceries. If there is no new job or pay rise coming anytime soon, then you’ll need to start to make your paycheck go further and further. The cost of living isn’t getting any cheaper. So here are some of my tips for stretching out your income.


Want to Change

First of all, you need to be in a place where you want to make changes. It can all be very well saying that you want to save more money, but if there aren’t things that you’re willing to compromise on, then it will make it a whole lot harder. So you need to be ready to make some changes, otherwise, nothing will happen.


Look at all Expenses

When it comes to money, many of us can be a little shy to share all that we spend. We might forget to account for all of those visits to Starbucks or trips to the movies. But you need to make a list of every single thing that you spend money on. When you have done so, it makes it much easier to decide what you want to change. You might find that you repeatedly spend on things that you don’t really need to. But if you don’t assess it, you might bury your hand in the sand, so to speak.


Look For Cheaper Alternatives

When it comes to saving money at home, then it is a good idea to take the advice of energy efficiency experts and change things around the home. You can find cheaper alternatives for many things at home. But if you can save money on your bills, the things you have to spend money on, then it makes sense to do so. Consider changing light bulbs to more energy efficient LED ones, for example. You can look for laundry products that will work on a lower temperature wash. Cheaper alternatives can be found in the grocery store as well as baby and beauty items. Choosing a store’s own brand over a large brand name can mean saving quite a lot over time. This is especially true when you buy something regularly.


Prioritise Spending

There are some things that you need to spend money on. You need to spend money on food, water, and heating, for example. Diapers and clothing can also be classed as a necessity. But what other things are a necessity? Is your gym membership needed when you could run outside or exercise at home? Do you need to have a monthly Netflix subscription, for instance? Choose what is most important to you and cut out the things that aren’t as important and you’ll make your wage got much further.






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