6 Homemade Cleaning Products That Will Save You Money


Homemade cleaning products


If you’ve been wanting a naturally clean, chemical-free home that also saves you money, look no further! We’ve rounded up some of the best recipes for homemade cleaning products right here.

With just a handful of ingredients and very little time, you can make up a homemade cleaning product for just about anything you need. Here are some of the main things that you probably spend a small fortune in shop-bought products on, but not for much longer!

Homemade Laundry Detergent Recipe


big pile of laundry with path


You can make almost 5 litres of liquid laundry detergent with this laundry detergent recipe for only £1.50!



2 x Dove Soap Bars

500g Soda Crystals

4.5 litres water



This mixture will rise as it boils so you will need to use a very large pan.

Grate the soap bars and place into a heavy-based, large pan.

Cover the grated soap with water and stir over a medium heat until melted.

Add 4.5 litres of boiling water to the mixture.

Add soda crystals and continue to stir until the mixture thickens..

Once thickened, stop stirring and allow the mixture to rest and cool.

Once cooled you can transfer to a clearly labelled and lidded container.

Use one cupful in place of your washing powder for every load.

Homemade Glass Cleaner Recipe


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One 50 pence bottle of distilled vinegar makes almost four batches of this glass cleaning mixture, meaning each batch costs little over 12 pence a bottle. What’s more, it works just as well as anything you could buy from the shop… naturally!



150ml Distilled White Vinegar

350ml cold water



Pour the vinegar into a 500ml trigger spray bottle. Amazon sell a selection very cheaply. Make sure the bottle is labelled clearly and stored out of the reach of children.

Add 350ml cold water.


Use as normal.

Add a drop or two of essential lavender oil if you want to mask the vinegar smell, but rest assured that the smell disappears once the vinegar dries anyway.

Homemade Febreze Recipe


homemade febreze recipe


It smells nice but costs a lot. Why not make your own for a fraction of the cost?



100mls Comfort Fabric Softener

2tbsp bicarbonate of soda

400mls hot water (from the tap is fine. Don’t boil it!)



Pour all ingredients into a spray bottle. (Amazon sell a selection very cheaply).

Shake well and use as normal.

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