5 Ways to Save Money in the Garden this Autumn



As the nights draw in sooner and the days are getting shorter, it’s time we turn our thoughts to bunking down through the winter months.

If you had the good fortune of spending time in the garden enjoying the sunshine, you might quite possibly be feeling sad that those days seem to be at an end.

Look forward to next year. A little preparation now will save you time and money later. Here is how:



It is time for the sort out. What can you get rid of, what can you use again and what can you recycle? Think the garden furniture is looking worse for wear? Aquablasting could be the solution to getting it looking sparkling new again. In fact, anything metal can be given a new lease of life so before you bin it, see if the folk at Special Metals can help.



Punctured paddling pools, broken toys, rickety furniture and smashed plant pots have no place. Get rid of them before the winter months truly kick in. Grab what you can, load up the car and get that dump run over and done with. You know you don’t want to, but clearing out is the first step to cleaning up.



Give the plant pots a good wash and put any you won’t be using away during the colder months. Can you utilise any old tins or containers from the house? They’ll make handy storage or feature pots with a little imagination.


Clean up the old

Your garden tools have probably had a busy old summer. Once you’ve put your garden to sleep for the winter, ensure you wash and dry them thoroughly to prevent any rust or further damage occurring. Put them into storage in a damp free area until you require their help once more.


Save Our Seeds!

Okay, so we are very far into the end of the season now but are there any seeds you can still save ready for planting next year? Harvest them, dry them and store them now, to save you money next year.







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