5 Tips to Growing Your Small Business Engagement in the Digital Age

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Reaching out to potential and existing clients has never been easier to do thanks to the growth of the internet. However, it might surprise you to learn that there are still many businesses that are failing to harness the benefits that the power of the digital age makes available to them.

Despite what you might think, success isn’t just in the form of numbers. It is pointless for a business or influencer to have thousands upon thousands of followers if they aren’t showing any interest in what is being said. At the end of the day, when it comes to business, it doesn’t matter how big your numbers are if they do not convert into sales. And that is down to engagement.


Stop trying to sell

But you regularly update your status, you say? What are you updating it with, we ask? If you are constantly bombarding followers with links to products or services that you are trying to sell them, they will soon get bored. At best, they will start ignoring you. At worst, you will lose them as followers entirely. You do not want to be that annoying social media account that spams everyone’s timeline with the same old, same old, that points to nothing but a link to buy something or other. Give them something more than the pushy salesperson.


It’s a two-way street

Digital marketing isn’t all about you. It works both ways. And so does building a rapport with others. Take an interest in other people, respond to tweets, reply to what they are saying, answer questions that they are asking. The key to getting engagement is giving it.


Be creative

Further to the first point, stop being boring! Be creative, be interesting. If slapstick comedy isn’t your brand’s style, don’t do it, but there is no need to be so straight-laced about stuff either. A fact can be presented in an interesting way that will grab people’s attention and make it (and you) memorable. Equally, the same fact can be delivered in such a way that will bore the pants off your audience.


Get help if you need to

If you do not feel confident enough to deal with the digital marketing of your business yourself, you don’t have to go it alone. Enlisting the help of a subscription management service allows you to incorporate an effective business plan for your company that will provide achievable, effective results, freeing your time up and allowing you to get on with your area of expertise in the meantime.


Know your audience

Every business is different and as such, so is their target audience. Make it part of your marketing plan to find out where your website visitors are from, what they are looking for and what has brought them to you. Likewise, you need to do the same for your social media channels. Finding out what they want will better help you to meet their needs.


Want to know more? Check out this infographic that provides even more tips on #AudienceImportance:










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