5 Simple Ways to Incorporate Minimalism to your Home Interior Design


Minimalism is definitely a growing trend within 2021, however even though mimialism literally means having a minimal furnished space, there are other design elements that help to give a modern yet sophisticated minimalistic look for an interior. Here are 5 simple ways to incorporate minimalism to your home interior design.


Replace old carpet with laminate flooring

Carpet doesn’t usually appear in modern minimalism designed homes, this is because carpet needs lots of maintenance to keep it looking in good condition. Some people who use the minimalism theme in the homes often go for a laminate or wooden floor, because it is easy to keep clean and it is very fashionable. Whilst we are on the topic of laminate and wooden floors, Underfoot Flooring offers a wide range of easy to install types of floor, that are ideal for those who are looking to add a modern style of floor to their minimalist style home.


Less is more

When it comes to minimalism, less really is more. Avoid filling your home with furniture and unnecessary clutter, as it will not put the minimal in minimalism. Multifunctional furniture will come in handy in this case, as you will have more than one use for an item, which will therefore mean that you will need less furniture. For instance, a breakfast bar is a good investment, because it is usually compact in size and it can also be used as a dining table and a work space in your kitchen.


Limit your colour pallet

This may seem obvious, but if you are really going to commit to having a minimalism theme in your home, colour should really be limited. Although the use of colour will be limited, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the use of colour has to be dull. Neutral colours and tones are often used within a minimalism, which is good because neutral tones seem to look really nice alongside each other. However, if limiting yourself to just using a neutral pallet is too boring for you, green and pale pink are very trendy colours that you will often see in neutral styled homes.


Use texture

Texture makes up for the bareness that minimalism can bring to a home. Textured walls is the most common way of bringing texture into your home interior design. Even though textured walls were very popular in the 70s/80s it doesn’t mean the wall has to have an old-fashioned textured style. Flowers and geometric patterns can be used to give the wall a modern yet unique texture.


Have a focal point

Art pieces, centrepieces or even furniture can play the role of the focal point in your home. The centrepiece could even be a vibrant eye-catching vase on a central table, an electric heater, or a painting. Relatively large paintings with bold colours that contrast with the generally neutral atmosphere that will naturally grab the eyes. However, if your interior already has bits and pieces of colour, then maybe you should relate them to the painting’s colour palette.








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