5 Reasons Why Your Blog Won’t Make You Money (And What You Can Do About It)




Are you stressed that your blog is not generating revenue?

There are many people who earn a steady income by blogging. There are others who blog but don’t earn a penny.

So what are the reasons why your blog isn’t making money yet?


Problem 1: There are too many adverts on your blog

While advertising is a key factor in revenue generation, you must take not to step over the line into the ‘overkill’ territory. If your blog is overloaded with adverts, there will be hardly any visibility for your actual content.

Solution: You can have advertising on your blog but don’t let it overshadow your content.


Problem 2: You haven’t included expert advice

Most readers read your blog to gain access to details that they cannot get elsewhere. Blogs do not need to be one-man shows. Many readers lose interest due to lack of professionalism. In addition, roping in an expert is something that sets you apart from the competition.

Solution: Take proactive steps to interview experts in your field and publish those interviews in your blog.


Problem 3: Your blog does not encourage people to return

Research indicates that most people who visit your blog are first-time visitors. This implies that only 20% return at a later date. The key to successful blogging lies in attracting repeat visitors.

Solution: Offer a freebie like a free e-book or how-to course to people who subscribe regularly to your blog. This will help encourage readers to return.


Problem 4: You don’t know who your target audience is

It’s a wonderful thing to attract a large number of readers. It’s what every aspiring blogger dreams of. But there is a paradox here: Your posts should not become too generic in nature in order to cater to a large audience. It’s important to write your posts for those who could become prospective customers.

Solution: Keep your posts relevant and specific.



Problem 5: Your posts are rambling and directionless

Never take your audience for granted. Pay attention to each post and invest effort into making it useful and interesting. Your hard work will reap its own rewards. Long, rambling posts will kill audience interest.

Solution: Treat post as unique pieces of text.


Certain factors can cause your blog to fail; it’s important to be aware of them so you don’t make the mistakes that could cost you, especially if you are relying on your blog to make you money.


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