5 Home-Based Businesses You Can Do With Your Computer


Business woman working with laptop in office


If you have a working computer with a decent internet connection, there are numerous options for earning money from your home. The internet has made it possible to connect with prospective clients from different parts of the world and moreover, you can begin earning an income from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Here’s a closer look at 5 great ways to make money using your computer:


Tutoring children

Tutoring websites seek well-qualified and experienced tutors who can help children academically. Children and parents look for tutors right from the primary level upto higher classes and often even at college level. All classes are conducted online and homework assignments etc are all sent using the internet. Online tutoring is a very paying and lucrative field.



Online writing is a very good way to earn money with no investment costs involved. As long as you own a computer and an internet connection, you can browse through article writing and website content development websites. Most websites will require you to take a preliminary test of grammar or essay writing before they hire you. Once you get hired, you can start working on different assignments.


Web Design

With no less than 250 million websites on the internet, web designing is an extremely sought after skill. Website owners want an attractively designed interface that combines aesthetics and functionality in one package. If you are skilled and experienced in web designing, you can work right from home using your computer. High profile clients pay a lot of money for a well-designed website and there are higher chances of attracting repeat business.


Internet Marketing

Internet marketing involves selling client products and services online. Online marketing requires as much skill, knowledge and experience as offline marketing. The good news is that you can earn money as an Internet Marketer right from your home.


Desk Top Publishing

Have a good eye for colour, illustrations and images? Desktop publishing involves designing posters, book covers etc for clients. Professional desktop publishing services are in demand for magazines, brochures, books, periodicals etc.


If you are looking for home-based businesses that do not require high start-up costs, computer based businesses fit the bill. You can earn serious money without having to leave your home and at the same time, enjoy a higher level of flexibility compared to those who have fixed time jobs.







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