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We could all do with some extra money, but what options are out there if we’re already happy with our work? There’s not many, admittedly, but there is one big one that is often overlooked by those looking to boost their income: setting up a business. It’s easier than you think to become your own boss, and there are also a number of jobs that can have you up and making money in no time at all. Just check out some of our inspiring ideas listed below.



It’s not the most glamorous job in the world, but who cares when you’re making bank? By becoming a cleaner, you’ll be dictating your own schedule and get paid well at the same time. If you’re already cleaning your own home, you probably have a set of skills that are in demand, especially with people’s busy lives meaning they often don’t have the time to do it themselves. All you need is a vehicle and some basic equipment and you’re good to go!



How many parties have you been invited to in the past year? Quite a few, we imagine, between christenings and birthday parties and weddings. Who was the entertainment? That’s right – the trusty DJ! Every event – and there are a lot of them – needs a person to get people up and dancing, why not make it you? It’s especially great if music is your passion, as you’ll be meeting with organisers to decide on a tone for the party. The equipment can be expensive, but that’s what short term loans are for. The equipment will pay for itself in no time at all and then it’s all profit!


Furniture Restorer

Second hand furniture is a boom market at the moment, with people turning away from Ikea and looking for more bespoke items for their home. The good news is that it has never been easier to turn second hand furniture into a proper business. How do you do it? Simple. Just buy a piece of old furniture that’s being sold cheap, throw some high quality paint and wax on there, and then sell it for a handsome profit. Done.


Online Selling

eBay and other online seller websites are big business, and you should be getting a piece of the pie. Don’t just sit around and wait to list unwanted birthday and christmas presents; take a look in your loft to see what might be interest to buyers. Remember – where you see a piece of old tat, someone else will see something that completes their collection. Old CDs and DVDs are especially good if you’ve made the switch to digital. You probably have hundreds around, and they’ll be people out there still using them who will be happy to buy them from you.



Got children? Then charging fellow parents a modest rate for you to look after their children while they’re busy is a no brainer. You’re already looking after your own kids, having one or two extra won’t make a massive difference – but it will to your bank balance!





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