4 Ways You Can Pay Your Vet Bills


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We love our pets just as much as we love our other family members. For most pet owners, there isn’t anything they wouldn’t do for their pets. When you bring a pet home, you become responsible for its wellbeing. But, no-one ever buys a pet with the intention of paying vet bills. When you go to pick up a new puppy, the last thing on your mind is the medical attention it may need in later life. So, it’s not surprising to know that most pet owners are unprepared for paying vet bills. If you’re faced with a huge vet bill and you don’t know how to pay it, here are some ideas.


Pet Insurance

One of the mistakes a lot of pet owners make is to think that pet insurance is useless. After all, you’ll be paying a monthly premium to an insurance company and it’s likely you’ll never have to use it. For many people, that seems like a waste of money. However, if something were to happen, may be counting your lucky stars that you did choose to insure your pet. You’ll need to find a suitable policy in advance, so if your pet has already been taken ill it may be too late. The other downside to pet insurance is that you’ll sometimes have to pay the vet bill yourself and then claim it back from your insurance.


Charity Help

There are some pet charities that help pet owners who are on low incomes, receive benefits or are retired. It’s worth finding out if your local charities provide any financial assistance. Even if you can’t find a pet charity that helps, there is always advice available for anyone in debt. You can find out more from Nationwide Debt Direct. Vet bills can often be expensive, but as a pet owner you often have no choice but to pay them. But, that doesn’t mean you have to be overwhelmed by debt. There are solutions that can help you tackle the situation.



Vetfone is a dedicated helpline for pet owners. There are times when pets show signs of illness but it may be something with a simple solution or something that will pass easily. It’s difficult not to worry when your pet presents signs of pain, lethargy or physical symptoms, like rashes. One quick phone call to Vetfone will ensure you get to speak to a professional veterinary nurse who can provide you with advice over the phone. It costs just £1.53 per minute which is much less than the average visit to your local vet.


Ask Your Vet

In most cases, vets would rather arrange a suitable way to get their money rather than be out of pocket. So, instead of bankrupting yourself to pay your vet bills, ask your vet if you’re able to pay in instalments. For many pet owners, this is a simple and manageable solution. Tell your vet what you can afford to pay each month and work out a payment plan together.




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