3 things that are stopping you from reaching your goals


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Whether it’s landing your dream job, earning a particular salary or running a successful company, you might have clear objectives that you want to achieve in life. However, whatever your financial or career ambitions are, there may be certain attributes that are getting in your way. Here, we take a look at three of them, along with tips on how to improve your approach.


1. Not having enough self-belief

It’s completely natural to have some doubts about your abilities, especially if you’re preparing to test your skills in a new area. For example, if you plan to set up your own business but don’t have experience as an entrepreneur, you might wonder if you’ve got what it takes to succeed. The key is not to let these reservations get in your way.

Commenting on this issue, renowned businessman Chris Niarchos suggested that whether you’re getting ready for an important interview, you’re preparing for a business pitch or you’ve got another important test in front of you, it’s crucial that you think positively. He pointed out that if you don’t have faith in yourself, it’s unlikely that other people will believe in you. According to Chris, it helps to focus on your strengths rather than dwelling on any weaknesses you think you may have.


2. A tendency to procrastinate

Do you often find yourself delaying important or difficult decisions? Do you tend to put off hard or unenjoyable tasks and prioritise things you prefer doing? Procrastinating might make your life easier in the short-term, but it can get in the way of you fulfilling your ambitions. The fact is, the best things are worth making an effort for and you need to be focused and willing to put in the hard work now if you’re to reap the rewards later.

It’s useful to get into the habit of prioritising tasks according to their importance and urgency, and try to ensure you don’t waste too much time doing things that aren’t really necessary.


3. A lack of patience

If you expect to achieve too much too soon, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Depending on the particular goals you’re working towards, you may need to be prepared to put in considerable effort over a long period of time in order to reach them. You should also expect to experience some problems along the way. All of this requires patience and perseverance.

To keep your motivation levels up, it may help to set yourself interim targets. This will make it easier for you to measure your progress along the way. Also, bear in mind that the longer and harder you work towards something, the better it will feel when you achieve it.



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