10 Ways to Make Extra Money in your Spare Time


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Have some spare time available? Don’t switch on the TV. Here are ten ways you can use that time to make extra money instead:


Recover money from your old accounts

Many of us open accounts as we go through life, then promptly forget about the odd bits of money left in them when we begin using a new account regularly instead. Take some time to recover any money that might be left behind in your old bank accounts. The process is simple to do and is not time-consuming at all. Click here for information on how you can find your old bank accounts and get your money back. 


Use cashback websites

There are reputed websites that pay their clients to shop for products from specific retailers. Quidco and Top Cashback are two of the main cashback sites which give you money back on your purchases. If you have some online shopping to do, use cashback websites and earn some money back every time you shop.


Opt to do some internet research

Certain websites pay you to research and answer questions asked by their clients. Rates are typically around 30p per right answer.


Rent out your home to filmmakers

If you live on an interesting property or even an ordinary apartment, you can consider renting out your home to filmmakers for shooting films and TV soaps. If you can cope with the idea of handing your home over to a film or TV crew, this is a good way to make some extra money.


Sell old, unused mobiles

Most of us have old, unused mobiles lying shut away in a dusty drawer. There are companies such as PhoneHero or Money4MyMobile that are willing to pay you for your old mobile as they will either use the spare parts or repair and re-sell the piece.


Sell off old DVDs and CDs

Sell your old DVDs and CDs. If you can’t be bothered or don’t have time for a car boot sale, you can sell your old CDs and DVDs online instead. There are always customers interested in buying DVDs of old movies, football matches etc


Rent out your garage

If you go to work and your garage is empty, you can consider renting it out. Parking is premium so it’s likely that you will attract a lot of willing takers.



If you have experience in legal or medical experience, you can make decent money from transcribing notes. This can be done right from home as the companies will send information to your computer.


Write your life story

Everyone has an interesting story to tell. If you have a flair for writing, you can sell your life story to online/offline magazines and earn money.


Write a blog

Yes, it really is possible to make money blogging. Just find a subject that you are interested in and start writing. It isn’t a quick fix to your finances but, if your site gets a little popular and you keep at it, you could find yourself receiving a steady income from it after a few months. Not sure where to begin? There’s a quick guide to getting your blog started here.


There are hundreds of online and offline opportunities to earn money in your spare time but we’ve only covered ten of them. Have you found an innovative or effective way to earn extra money in your spare time? Share your experiences with us in the comments!



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