10 Super Cool Ways to Earn Extra Money



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In these days of escalating costs and rising rents, it’s always nice to earn some extra cash. Read on for 10 practical, innovative tips to earn money.


1. Sell off your maternity outfits

Most women have no use for their maternity outfits once they have finished having their babies. New maternity outfits can be expensive and many women will be happy to pay a reasonable sum to buy your old ones.


2. Fond of pets?

If you love dogs, you can always earn money by opting to house a pet for a few days or weeks. Pet owners are always anxious to leave their pets with reliable people.


3. Sell your kids’ old books

If your children have grown up, you can consider selling their old books. Good books cost a pretty penny and if the books are in good condition, you can earn money by selling them.


4. Coach people for interviews

There is a lot of immigrant population in the UK. Most of them speak poor English and will be happy to learn conversational English especially before an important interview.


5. Sell your child’s old sports gear

High quality sports gear including racquets, gloves, shoes, helmets etc can be very expensive. If you have a store cupboard full of sports gear that your children no longer use, you can make money by selling them off.


6. Sell off medical equipment used by an elderly member

If you have some medical equipment or adaptive furniture including raised beds, wheelchairs or blood pressure kits that is no longer used, you can consider selling them.


7. Make money selling old musical instruments

Have a guitar that has not been used since the past 5 years? You can consider selling it at a good price. New musical instruments are very expensive and people will be glad to pay you for your old one.


8. Earn money by selling your wedding dress

If you really think about it from a logical standpoint, your wedding dress may no longer be useful once you are happily married. As it usually costs an arm and a leg to buy a new wedding dress, people will be glad to pay you for your old one.


9. Hire out your basement as a storage facility

If you have extra space in your basement, you can consider renting it to people for storage of goods.


10. Stitching curtains

If you are talented with sewing, curtain and linen stitching is a great way to earn some extra money.


You can earn spare cash in a number of innovative ways. Have you made extra money by doing something different?


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    Selling old instruments is a great way to get a little extra money. I played the flute when I was younger, but I don’t have enough time for it anymore. I’m sure a beginning flute player will greatly appreciate the instrument.

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