10 Painless Ways to Save Money


Small Savings


Saving money does not imply having to compromise on quality of life. Deciding to tackle existing debt through debt consolidation is one way of reducing outgoings but what is debt consolidation exactly? That might be a short term solution but for the longer term, saving money and ditching debt is the first step towards achieving financial independence.


Switch off lights and save on energy

This may sound like an old piece of advice but you can always cut down energy expenditure by being more careful. Opt for a timer device that will switch off the heater when you are at work.


Change to a cheaper energy supplier

The UK market is serviced by several energy suppliers. Compare rates and opt for a supplier who offers cheaper rates. This will help cut down your energy bill.


Opt for car pools

Fuel costs have gone through the roof. If you need to drive to work daily, find out if you can pool your car with others who are working in the same area. This way you’ll save valuable pounds on fuel.


Change to a more competitive car insurance provider

Consumer intelligence reports in the UK show that you could save upto £200 in car insurance by switching to a provider offering more competitive rates.


Buy supermarket brand goods

Many well known supermarkets have introduced their own brand of products. These products tend to be cheaper than competitive brands. As an added plus, these supermarket brands often taste better than conventional products.


Go for bulk-sized packets of products that you use regularly – but check first!

For example, buy bulk packets of machine wash dish washing powder that you use daily. Bulk quantities often work out cheaper compared to smaller sizes, but don’t immediately assume that they always do. Calculate the price/weight ratio before you buy – sometimes it can work out costing more!


Quit Smoking

Smoking can cost you a pretty penny when you add up all the packets. Quit smoking and save your money – and your health!


Opt for outdoor exercise instead of gym memberships

Fancy gyms can cost anywhere from £100 upwards as monthly fees. Most of us start off with great intentions but lose our momentum after a holiday or illness. Go jogging or walking in the outdoors instead.


Share DVDs with friends

If you have a group of friends who also love watching movies, take turns buying movies and share the DVDs.


Switch your mobile phone provider

With the intense competition among mobile phone line providers, take your time to compare plans and rates. Opt for a provider who offers a good deal.


You can save money in several ways and even the smallest steps make a big difference. All these seemingly small sums tend to add up to a substantial amount, so don’t overlook the impact that small changes can make.




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