10 Inarguable Reasons Why You Should Work For Yourself


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It’s a heady feeling to be able to work for yourself and be your own boss. The following 10 points explain why exactly it’s an inarguably good idea to work for yourself:


You are in control

The most significant advantage of being your own boss stems from the fact that you have complete control over your decisions.


You choose when to work

Being your own boss means you have more quality time to spend with your family and loved ones. Working at a regular job often implies sacrificing valuable family and leisure time.


You have improved control over income

With a regular job, you draw fixed pay interspersed with sporadic raises. When you work for yourself, there is no limit to how much you can earn; the sky’s the limit.


You have an increased feeling of personal satisfaction

When you are part of a large organisation with hundreds of employees, your efforts are often hidden from view. But when you work for yourself, you are able to experience the fruits of your personal efforts.


You cannot lose your job

Being your own boss means you can never lose your job! This is no small advantage as it eliminates job insecurity and the possibility of suddenly losing your income – even if you’ve been performing extremely well.


You gain a comprehensive and rounded learning experience

You gain a comprehensive learning experience in all aspects of business management including customer relations, correspondence, marketing, problem-solving etc. You receive knowledge of working in a range of different fields you wouldn’t know about otherwise, and you gain experience of dealing first-hand of the highs and lows that each entails.


You gain an improved sense of responsibility

As your own boss, you are responsible for your success. You will be more inclined to develop a disciplined and regular work schedule and you’ll be less blasé about putting tasks off or leaving them undone when you know that it’s your business that your procrastination is affecting.


You have the option of retiring early

Being your own boss opens up the possibility of retiring early. You may able to build up a retirement fund sooner than you would have with your employer’s employment scheme.


You have greater opportunity for more abundant business opportunities

If you work at a regular job, there are limited opportunities to meet other people from related industries. Being your own boss gives you added opportunities to connect with professionals in your line.


You develop an improved ability to meet challenges

When you are in charge of your income and business, you develop an innate ability to solve problems and meet challenges because you know that the buck stops with you.


Although being your own boss involves making major life changes, it could open doors to many other opportunities which might not have come in your way in a regular job.

Did you take the leap and become your own boss, and what new doors did it open for you? Share your stories (or link to them) in the comments below!





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