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5 Ways to Save Money in the Garden this Autumn

    As the nights draw in sooner and the days are getting shorter, it’s time we turn our thoughts to bunking down through the winter months. If you had the good fortune of spending time in the garden enjoying the sunshine, you might quite possibly be feeling sad that those days seem to be […]

Home Security: Better Safe Than Sorry

  Nobody wants to be the target of a burglary. And yet, so many people in the world today seem to not care at all about the security of their homes and personal possessions. As such, it’s always a good, if not great, idea to read up on how to keep your belongings safe from […]

Never Forget These 5 Costs When Buying Your First Home

  When you start to look at homes for the very first time, it’s an exciting and exhilarating moment. You find properties that you like and can picture living there, and start to make plans in your head. Once you take a look at the price and determine that you should be able to afford […]

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Ditch the Debt

How to Fix Your Credit Score

      A credit score can determine many things in your life and maintaining a good credit score will make your life a lot easier when you want to get anything on finance. A good credit score means you will be able to get loans easily. The higher your credit score, the better loan […]

Do You Know How Much Smoking is Costing You?

  With finances at the front of our minds, how much is smoking costing those in the UK? Nicotinell, which provides a selection of products to help people on their journey to how to stop smoking, has carried out the following research to find out…   Background data for the research With knowledge from the […]

What You Must Do When Your Credit File Has False Information

    Before you start thinking about refinancing or applying for new credit accounts, it is important that you check your credit file and find out what the lenders and reference agencies see when they look at your profile. In some cases, there will be incorrect information added on your account, and this will impact […]

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