Struggling to Interpret Investing Jargon? List of Important Investing Terms Explained

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    If you are at a linguistic disadvantage when it comes to investing, the first key step involves understanding the jargon. This will help you select the investments suitable to your requirement and you will understand exactly what the investment entails. Here are some commonly used investing terms explained in simpler language: Stock: A […]

5 Ways You Should Be Diversifying Your Investments

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    Diversification is the investor’s tool to protect himself from the unpredictable movements of the market. Investing should not be a reactive process; it works much better when it is proactive in nature. Diversification helps you exercise more control over your investments rather than resorting to knee-jerk reactions of an unfriendly economy. Investment diversification […]

How to Diversify Your Finances


    It’s important to diversify your finances in order to cushion any nasty setbacks in the market. Diversification prevents your finances from moving in the same negative direction all at once. Research also indicates that diversification helps increase the odds of making gains. It may also be necessary to reallocate portfolio investments from time […]

Why You Need to Diversify to Achieve Financial Success

Time to Diversify Clock Manage Investment Risk

    The economy of any country, including the UK, is subject to unpredictable shifts and changes. Achieving financial success depends to a large extent, on our ability to be able to incorporate these variables in our investment strategy.   Diversification of investments It’s important to understand that diversification cannot protect your investment from loss […]

Want to Start Investing in Stocks? Top 10 Books for Beginners

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      Although many best-sellers on investing have been written by American authors, the basic principles are relevant to any stock market including the UK. Here’s a look at the top 10 stock investing books:   How to Trade In Stocks by Jesse Livermore The top-selling book is written in an autobiographical style and […]