Average UK Rent Hits All Time High

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  Rents in the UK have been rising rapidly over the past few years. The conditions of the UK property market have had a huge impact on rising rents, and this trend is forecast to continue for a number of years. Rent rises have been felt by people all over the country. However, the amount […]

Brexit: How Will it Affect Fuel Prices?

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    There have been a great many articles discussing the increase in fuel prices, followed by even more articles discussing the drop-in fuel prices. In the UK, fuel prices seem to be on a constant yoyo, bouncing up and down, rising and falling with great regularity. The RAC have reported several times on the […]

Freedom Plus and Freedom Debt Relief Surpass Debt Settlement Milestones

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    Through Freedom Financial Asset management, FreedomPlus has surpassed $1 billion in consumer loans issued. Freedom Debt Relief (FDR), another company within the Financial Freedom Network, passed $6 billion in total consumer debt relief. Andrew Housser, co-founder and CEO of FFN, points to his company‚Äôs role as a pioneer in upholding the Federal Trade […]