The Perfect Interview Outfit — A Graduate Guide

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  An upcoming graduate’s life isn’t easy. The seemingly endless late nights at the library for revision, spending hours trying to meet that 10,000-word dissertation target, and trying to find a job to walk into after graduation can get a bit too much. Of course, there’s still the part-time job to keep juggling and trying to have […]

ROI Across Industries: Marketing Campaigns

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  In 2016, car dealers spent around £115.9 million in online display and direct mail according to figures released in Google’s Car Purchasing UK Report in April 2017 — but this is no surprise. Unlike many companies across different sectors, the automotive industry usually has a large budget to play with in a bid to […]

Save Energy at Home with These Smart Tips


  Everyone is aware of the common ways you can save energy at home, investing in more energy efficient devices and making sure your television and other gadgets are switched off rather than on standby. There are however some energy-saving tips that you might not have thought of. Northern Powergrid, who can help with any […]

How to Save Money on Home Improvements


  Have you recently purchased a home that isn’t exactly your taste, with intentions to remodel it? Do you ever look around your home, even if you’ve been there for years, and redecorated it in your head? Given the popularity of the fixer-upper trend, where you refresh a property to better reflect your personal style […]

6 Great Tips to Teach Children to Save Money

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  It is never too early to start teaching children about money; how to spend it, how to save it and how to invest it. Providing children with information on their choices, the outcomes of their actions and the results that occur from them will enable them to make wiser, more informed choices as adults […]

5 Tips to Avoiding Business Disputes

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      Dealing with the fall-out of a dispute can have devastating effects on any business, but particularly small businesses. Many cases serve to be a harsh teacher and hindsight provides no benefit once the ramifications have created shockwaves already. The best way to minimise the potential damage that business disputes can create is […]