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Supermarket’s Own vs Big Brand Names – Who Is Winning the Grocery War?

    Supermarket brands which were once regarded as country cousins compared to established brands are now rapidly gaining popularity. A few decades back, consumers were of the opinion that if you wanted quality, it had to be a conventional (read: more expensive) brand. However, that trend is undergoing a dramatic change with an increasing […]

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The Rise and Rise of the Budget Supermarket Continues… But Why?

    The big, showy supermarkets that once enjoyed a monopoly over British consumers are coming to terms with a different reality. Their profits and sales are being threatened not by a competing giant chain but by the humble ‘budget supermarkets’. Aldi and Lidl are two notable budget supermarkets in the UK that forced the […]

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Living Within Your Means: How to Change your Attitude to Money

    Your attitude to money plays a crucial part in determining if you can live within your means. Our thoughts are very important when it comes to inviting financial success or any kind of success for that matter. The law of attraction suggests that we will attract exactly the kind of results that we […]

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Ditch the Debt

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How to End the Debt Stress Spiral for Good

      Debt is up there with death and divorce as one of the major causes of negative stress. The feeling of being overwhelmed by debt causes physical and mental pain, from headaches and sleeplessness to panic attacks and nervous breakdowns. Debt enables us to have instant gratification of our wants – without having […]

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How to Switch Credit Cards the Right Way

  Not happy with your current credit card? With numerous credit card companies vying for consumer attention, you can opt for one that offers more favourable terms. When should you consider switching credit cards? Sometimes, we can get so used to using the same credit card that we don’t compare offers and rates with other […]

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How to Make Credit Cards Work for You

    ‘People used to live from pay cheque to pay cheque, now they live from credit card payment to credit card payment’ – Robert Kiyosaki Credit cards are consumer money tools that should be used for convenience and not as a quick-fix for buying things you can’t really afford. Here are 3 super tips […]

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