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Calculating the cost of smoking

How Your Smoking Habit Is Really Costing You More Than You Think

      Smoking: it is addictive, it is hard to give up and it is expensive. We all know it is bad for our health and bad for our pockets, yet so many of us continue. There are so many methods available to help you quit the habit and they are conveniently available too, […]

heap of coins

Solutions For When Your Budget Just Won’t Stretch

    One of the hardest things to do is live on a budget. Life is so full of places to go, foods to eat and things to see that the idea of having to curb the fun to keep living can often feel, well, depressing. Worse than that? Being in a position where you […]

Paint and art series

Home Revamps That Won’t Cost You a Fortune

    When you’re tired of staring at the same dull walls, you’re in for two options; fix it or move somewhere else. The only problem is that both options tend to cost money, take time, and fail to satisfy your need for change right away – we want a luxurious-looking home, and we want […]

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Ditch the Debt

What’s Stopping You Escaping Debt? More Than You Think

        Are you struggling with debt? If so then you are probably looking for ways to escape it, but every time you try, you seem to hit a roadblock. Sometimes you can’t even see the issue that is preventing you from escaping debt. It’s like gravity, pulling you back with no sign […]

Jeune femme allongée écoutant son baladeur numérique

How Teenagers Are Setting Themselves Up For A Lifetime Of Debt

      Ah, the teenage years, what a time to be alive. You have no care in the world, you think you’re untouchable, and anything you do doesn’t seem to have any consequences. Being a teenager was a fun time, but, looking back on it, there were a few things I wish I’d done […]

Money Cut

Ways To Save Money On The Cost Of A Loan

    This might seem like a strange concept ‘saving money on the cost of a loan’, but it is something that it is worth thinking about. The fact is that loans never come free, they always come with a rate of interest attached to them, and additional fees for late payments. Loans might give […]

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