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Thrifty Living

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How to Create a Calm and Comfortable Living Space for Less

  High on most people’s agenda when planning and designing their living space is how they want to feel when using it. The busy daily lives we lead can often make us crave home comforts and a calm and relaxing atmosphere. What style you choose for this largely depends on your taste and what makes […]

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New Car Budgeting

  Whilst buying a new car is exciting, it is important to consider how much the vehicle is going to cost you as it is a significant investment. Lookers plc offer their advice on how to budget for new cars, helping you prepare yourself for a new car. The ticket price is the first cost to […]

holiday home

Buy With Confidence Overseas: What You Need to Know

  There are many reasons that you may decide to invest in a property abroad. Not only do you have the opportunity to get more for your money than you would do in the UK, but you also get a base to use to explore a country you love, the chance of an excellent rental […]

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Ditch the Debt

credit cards

What You Must Do When Your Credit File Has False Information

    Before you start thinking about refinancing or applying for new credit accounts, it is important that you check your credit file and find out what the lenders and reference agencies see when they look at your profile. In some cases, there will be incorrect information added on your account, and this will impact […]

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De-Debting Yourself

      Debt isn’t nice, but it is real. Yes, people all over the world fall into debt every single day, so it very much is real. But, what is also real is the ability to de-debt yourself. For advice on how that is achieved, make sure to read on.   There are personalised […]

credit card debt payment

Does Your Debt Die With You?

    After someone dies, most families do not immediately think about what happens to the debts of the deceased individual. Although an individual with an illness may have had time to plan their estate, those who pass suddenly and unexpectedly might not have a plan. No matter what the circumstances are, it is essential […]

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