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Living Within Your Means: How to Change your Attitude to Money

    Your attitude to money plays a crucial part in determining if you can live within your means. Our thoughts are very important when it comes to inviting financial success or any kind of success for that matter. The law of attraction suggests that we will attract exactly the kind of results that we […]

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10 Painless Ways to Save Money

    Saving money does not imply having to compromise on quality of life. Saving money and ditching debt is the first step towards achieving financial independence. Here are 10 painless ways to save money:   Switch off lights and save on energy This may sound like an old piece of advice but you can […]

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How to Live Below Your Means in a Consumer Society

    A consumer society is one where a greater number of goods are bought or sold. When consumers (the people of the country) are able to enjoy enhanced purchasing power, the economy growth is higher; implying that the companies are now turning over huge profits and smiling all the way to the bank. But […]

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Living Below Your Means: Why Is Such An Easy Concept So Hard To Implement?

‘There is no dignity quite so important and no independence quite as impressive as living within your means’ – Calvin Coolidge Everyone knows that in order to be financially secure, you must spend less than you earn. This truth has been recognised and appreciated right from olden times. Why is it so difficult to actually […]

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